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For many of us, hunting and fishing trips are a serious commitment of both time and money. Good trophy-producing areas are becoming increasingly difficult to find. The only way to ensure the best areas and operators is to spend a lot of effort, time and money researching new destinations. Cabela's does this research free for you. By booking your trip through Cabela's Outdoor Adventures, you will assure yourself of being in a good location with a reputable operator, a courtesy from your Legendary Outfitters®.  
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This outfitter has been offering quality elk hunts in western Colorado for nearly forty years with great success. The hunting takes place on 35,000 acres of private land with access to the surrounding public land along the Utah border. This area is known for its healthy population of elk and for its trophy quality.
Rates: $5,995 (2x1) $7,500 (1x1) 5-day hunts. 2x1 hunters must book in pairs.
Dates: Oct. 15-19 (1st season) Nov. 5-9 (3rd season) 2016
CO Mule Deer
Mule deer hunting in Colorado on this 25,000 private ranch that is home to an abundance of nice bucks. This property is enrolled in Colorado's Ranching For Wildlife program, which means licenses are guaranteed and the outfitter can set their own hunt schedule. 
Rates: $6,000 (2x1) 5-day hunt
Dates: October- January 2016
Hunt New Zealand red stag, tahr and chamois with South Pacific Safaris. Mike and Deborah Wilks excellent reputation and over 20 years’ experience for consistently producing beautiful trophies speaks for itself. Hunt the mighty red stag, elk(wapiti), fallow buck, wild boar, ram and trophy goat on their 4,000 acre ranch where their luxury hunting lodge and chalets are located, looking out over the Pacific Ocean and bush clad gullies.
Starting at: $7,650 - stag scoring (320-340 SCI)
Dates: March - August
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Cabela's is pleased to announce Worldwide Trophy Adventures (WTA) has acquired Cabela's Outdoor Adventures and Trophy Application Guide Service (T.A.G.S.). WTA will retain the current Outdoor Adventures and T.A.G.S. staff of 19 employees, continue to operate an office in Sidney and maintain a close partnership with Cabela's.

Under this new partnership, WTA and Cabela's will develop unique and exclusive offerings for Cabela's customers and CLUB members. Additionally, Cabela's gift cards and CLUB points will be redeemable with WTA, and Cabela's CLUB members will earn extra CLUB points on purchases made through WTA.

Outdoor Adventures and T.A.G.S. have a bright future, and we believe WTA is the right strategic partner to foster their growth. It is a great organization with a very knowledgeable and a strong history of providing outstanding service. We are excited for this partnership and confident WTA will be a great asset for our customers.

As a result of this transaction, your account and related personal information is now owned by WTA. Please visit the WTA Privacy Policy to become familiar with their policies and terms.

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