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Trip: Southern Illinois Trophy Whitetails More Info

Southern Illinois Trophy Whitetails

Southern Illinois is a sleeper for trophy whitetails. This private property is perfect big buck habitat as it sits amongst the right mixture of agriculture, hardwood ridges and river bottoms that allow these deer to...

Rates: October 5 day Archery Hunts $2,300; November 5 day Archery Hunts $2,500; December 5 day Ar...
Dates: October through January


Trip: Iowa Trophy Whitetail Rut Hunts More Info

Iowa Trophy Whitetail Rut Hunts

When it comes to really big whitetail bucks, there's no better place than the fertile farmlands of southern Iowa. The terrain varies from big woodlots to vast crop fields, pasture, and creek bottoms that is home to ...

Rates: Archery & shotgun $3,500, Muzzleloader $3,250 (5-day hunts). A $500 fine will be imposed f...
Dates: Archery hunts take place during the November rut. Shotgun hunts take place the first two w...
Trip: Iowa Whitetails More Info

Iowa Whitetails

The fertile farmland of southern Iowa has long been known as the mecca for giant midwest whitetails. Great habitat, unbelievable genetics, and no gun hunting during the rut is the result of one thing ... giant bucks...

Rates: $4,750 (5-day hunt)
Dates: Archery: October 1 - November 30 (select dates); Shotgun:Dec. 1-5 & 8-12; Late Muzzleloade...
Trip: Big Bucks in Southern Iowa More Info

Big Bucks in Southern Iowa

Southern Iowa is the mecca for giant midwestern whitetails. The terrain varies from big woodlots to vast crop fields, pasture, and creek bottoms that is home to world class bucks. This outfitter has over 10,000 priv...

Rates: $4,000 Archery hunts are six days and gun hunts five days.
Dates: 2013; Archery Nov. 5-10, 11-16, 13-18; Shotgun Dec. 1-5, 8-12; Muzzleloader Jan. 2-6


Trip: Kansas Whitetail Hunting More Info

Kansas Whitetail Hunting

Kansas Whitetail Hunting Over the past several years, central, south-central and western Kansas have been producing excellent-quality whitetail for our clients. These remote unpopulated, secluded parts of the state ...

Rates: 2014: $4,495 (5 day hunt)
Dates: October and November
Trip: Whitetail Paradise in South-Central Kansas More Info

Whitetail Paradise in South-Central Kansas

This trophy whitetail hunt takes place in Stafford County, Kansas, close to a National Wildlife Refuge that is closed to deer hunting. This is undoubtedly one of the best area in the state for really big whitetail b...

Rates: 2015;$6,000 - 5-day hunt
Dates: Nov. 5-9 or Nov. 11-15 each year approx. dates
Trip: Kansas/Nebraska Archery Whitetails More Info

Kansas/Nebraska Archery Whitetails

This outfitter controls over thirty miles of Platte River, Long Branch Creek, Rock Branch Creek, Sapa Creek, Beaver Creek and The Republican River. These areas provide some of the best habitat for trophy class white...

Rates: 3,500 Kansas or Nebraska
Dates: October/November
Trip: Big Bucks in Kansas More Info

Big Bucks in Kansas

This outfitter in Kansas operates in two different areas comprising of well over 30,000 privately owned and exclusive acres. Kansas has long been known as one of the top states in the country for producing big bucks...

Rates: 6 day October Archery $3,200.00;6 day November Rut Archery $4,000.00.;;**Minimum Size Requ...
Dates: October through December Archery.
Trip: Kansas Whitetail- High Quality, Affordable Hunt More Info

Kansas Whitetail- High Quality, Affordable Hunt

This veteran outfitter has secured over 3,000 acres in North-central Kansas. This ground is all quality, heavily wooded whitetail country. From the Flint Hills region to the Saline and Kansas River bottoms, this div...

Rates: $2,950 (2014 & 2015); Archery hunts 6 days. Gun hunts 5 days.
Dates: Archery: Nov. 1-6, Nov. 8-13, Nov. 15-20 & Nov. 22-27 (always the same dates regardless of...


Trip: Missouri Archery Whitetails More Info

Missouri Archery Whitetails

Missouri is a sleeper state for big midwestern whitetails. Great genetics, ideal habitat, and plenty of crops is recipe for great whitetail hunting. Plus, tags can be purchased over-the-counter in Missouri, even for...

Rates: $3,750 (5-day hunt)
Dates: Archery: October 1 - November 9 Rifle: November 10-14 & 16-20 Muzzleloader: December 17-21

North Dakota

Trip: North Dakota Archery Whitetails More Info

North Dakota Archery Whitetails

Archery hunt the scenic Sheyenne River and Bald Hill Creek valley's of southeast North Dakota for trophy whitetails. This outfitter owns over 4,000 acres of private lands occupying several miles of river bottoms, ro...

Rates: $3,295 Plus 5% tax - 5 day hunt;;
Dates: September - October

South Dakota

Trip: South Dakota Archery Whitetails More Info

South Dakota Archery Whitetails

It is no secret that the state of South Dakota is best known for its world class pheasant hunting. To most avid archery hunters South Dakota is the Midwest's best kept secret for trophy whitetails. In recent years t...

Rates: NOW $1,995 WAS $2,250 (Pre-Rut);NOW $2,700 WAS $2,950 (Pre-Rut to Rut); **Note** 5.5% SD t...
Dates: Mid October thru mid November; 6-day hunts.;;2014 (pre-rut);September 27- October 2;Octobe...


Trip: Wyoming Archery Whitetails More Info

Wyoming Archery Whitetails

You will not believe the volume of whitetail deer and wildlife in general seen on this hunt. When we visited this operation we were amazed at the number of deer seen seemingly everywhere! The outfitter leases a coup...

Rates: $3,450 2014: $3950 For a 6-day hunt
Dates: September 1-6, 8-13, 15-20, and 22-27 (6 day Hunts).