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Big Game - North American - Antelope


Trip: South-Central Colorado Antelope More Info

South-Central Colorado Antelope

This outfitter has been in business for 24 years and is well known for offering a quality hunting experience. This beautiful 90,000 acre ranch lies just outside of Colorado Springs and is made up of rolling hills, m...

Rates: $2,750 (1x1);$2,250 (2x1);$1,950 (3x1);3-day hunts.
Dates: Two 3-day hunts are offered each season. The first hunt is usually in late August followed...
Trip: Colorado Antelope Hunting More Info

Colorado Antelope Hunting

Colorado antelope hunting on this 25,000 acre private ranch. This area is home to an abundance of antelope including some exceptional bucks. Rolling hills with sagebrush and draws are the perfect back drop for this ...

Rates: $2,950 (2x1) $2,550 (3x1). 3-day hunt
Dates: Aug. 17-19, Aug. 24-26, Aug. 31-Sept. 2


Trip: Montana Bucks and Birds More Info

Montana Bucks and Birds

This combination pronghorn/upland bird hunt takes place on more than 50,000 acres of reservation ground in Montana. We are working with the finest outfitter in the area. You will see many pronghorn and all clients s...

Rates: $2,500 antelope;;$2,925 combo antelope & upland hunt;;$600 - observer
Dates: Aug. 29-31, Sept 2-4, 10-12, 14-16, 18-20, 22-24, 26-28, Oct. 14-16, 26-28.

New Mexico

Trip: Premier New Mexico Antelope Hunt More Info

Premier New Mexico Antelope Hunt

Come hunt with this veteran outfitter on one of the countries' best antelope ranches. This great place stretches for nearly 300,000 acres of picturesque antelope country and historically produces bucks with an avera...

Rates: $3,750 1x1; $2,995 2X1; $2,750 3X1; plus 6.083% tax;;$450/person - Observers
Dates: Tentative 2015 dates; Aug. 22-24; Aug. 29-31 - booked full; September 4-5;; 3-day hunts
Trip: High Quality New Mexico Pronghorns More Info

High Quality New Mexico Pronghorns

This great New Mexico pronghorn hunt takes place on a 26,000 acre private ranch in GMU 47 in North East New Mexico. It is well regulated by the state and they allow only a limited number of permits to be issue each ...

Rates: 2015 3 day hunt: 1X1 - $3850.00 per person;3650.00 for 2x1 plus license and tax of 8.125%.
Dates: Aug 23-25;Aug 30-Sept 1;Sept 5-7


Trip: Wyoming's High Plains Antelope More Info

Wyoming's High Plains Antelope

These hunts are operated by one of our favorite Wyoming outfitters and takes place on large private ranches in the southeastern corner of the state. Success rates are consistently at 100% and the trophy quality is v...

Rates: $2,295 for a 3-day hunt.
Dates: Oct 5-7, 9-11, 12-14, 16-18.
Trip: September Trophy Antelope Hunts In Wyoming More Info

September Trophy Antelope Hunts In Wyoming

September is a great month for hunting the West and these prairie speedsters. There are a lot of nice bucks to choose from on this hunt and the heads make stunning mounts. Pronghorn also make great table fare, coupl...

Rates: 2015; $2,495 hunt from camp;$2,295 hunt from hotel
Dates: September 15-17, 18-20, 21-23, 24-26, 27-29, October 1-3, 5-7, 9-11 or 13-15;3-day hunts.
Trip: Wyoming Antelope - Includes Two Bucks! More Info

Wyoming Antelope - Includes Two Bucks!

On this western big-game adventure you are allowed to take two buck antelope! This experienced outfitter has been offering these high quality hunts for many years and they take place from a comfortable camp in north...

Rates: 2015; $3,495 (includes two bucks)
Dates: 3-day hunts: Oct. 1-3, 5-7, 9-11, 13-15
Trip: Trophy Wyoming Antelope More Info

Trophy Wyoming Antelope

This large private ranch of over 40,000 acres in southern Wyoming has been producing some excellent pronghorns the last few years. If you're looking to hunt huge antelope this ranch is for you. Success runs close to...

Rates: $2,995
Dates: 3-day hunts. September-October
Trip: Wyoming Antelope Rifle/Archery- Deluxe Cabin Hunts More Info

Wyoming Antelope Rifle/Archery- Deluxe Cabin Hunts

Hunt trophy class antelope in South Central Wyoming on over 100,000 acres of private grasslands and open range. This young but experienced outfitter has it all and is one of our top picks in the state due to his gam...

Rates: $1,995 - archery(4 day hunts);$2,195 - rifle (3 day hunts)
Dates: August - Archery;September/October - Rifle
Trip: Wyoming Pronghorns More Info

Wyoming Pronghorns

Hunt pronghorns in the beautiful state of Wyoming! These hunts take place on private ranches in Northern Wyoming providing the opportunity to harvest a great representation of the species. You will pursue these Pron...

Rates: 3 day hunt- $2,200
Dates: Hunt dates for 2014;; Oct. 6-8; Oct. 18-20; Oct. 24-26;


Trip: Pronghorn Antelope hunt in the Lone Star State More Info

Pronghorn Antelope hunt in the Lone Star State

Cabela's research has found a great opportunity to hunt pronghorn in the Panhandle of Texas. This terrain ranges from flat short buffalo grass prairies, farm ground, rough breaks, and rolling sand hills to hardwood ...

Rates: 2014 - $2,850 -2-day hunt;;
Dates: Oct 4-5;Oct 7-8;Oct 10-11