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Big Game - North American - Lions

British Columbia

Trip: Monster British Columbia Mountain Lions More Info

Monster British Columbia Mountain Lions

This lion hunt takes place in central British Columbia with a very accomplished outfitter and hounds man. Some of the biggest toms we've ever seen have come from this area and have been guided by this outfitter. Str...

Rates: $10,900 (1x1)plus 2 1/2% GST tax 7-day hunt
Dates: November - February


Trip: Colorado Mt. Lion Hunts More Info

Colorado Mt. Lion Hunts

This outfitter is a professional houndsman and is regularly hired by the government to control problem mountain lions. He has an excellent pack of dogs and with them he hunts these cats in several states. In Colorad...

Rates: $6,000 5-day hunts
Dates: Nov 29-Dec 3, Dec 5-9, Dec 11-15, Dec 18-22, Dec 27-31, Jan 3-7, Jan 9-13, Jan 15-19, Jan ...


Trip: Colorado/Utah Mountain Lion Hunt More Info

Colorado/Utah Mountain Lion Hunt

These hunts are conducted on combination of private and public lands covering most of western Colorado and eastern Utah. These states are home to very large population of lions. This veteran outfitter is dedicated t...

Rates: $6,000 (5-day hunt);; $1,500 Trophy fee on bobcat.
Dates: November-May